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Discontinue Use of Drop Boxes

In 2020, many states permitted ballot drop boxes, privately funded by a Mark Zuckerberg-supported non-profit organization. Placement of the drop boxes seemed purposeful. As an example, (30) drop boxes were situated throughout Detroit, and several in Lansing however were nearly absent in all other jurisdictions. And for good reason! The boxes, accessible by car window 24/7, were in place (4) weeks prior to the 2020 election. In follow-up review, it was apparent they presented major election security issues. Some believe, the drop boxes are also a possible violation of the Equal Protection Clause.

For example: ballot harvesters were able to simply drive up during early morning hours to potentially stuff hundreds of fraudulent ballots in a matter of just minutes. Although city election officials indicated the boxes were monitored by security cameras, videos were not made public. Some justified the use of drop boxes to provide convenient voter access. However, that argument falls short, since only (2) jurisdictions had drop boxes. Plus, mail-in voters could simply mail their ballot using USPS postal service. Such marginal benefits to voters are far outweighed by the unequal application of the law and the potential for disenfranchisement of the voters harmed by ballot stuffing, which is greatly facilitated by drive-up drop boxes.

The best solution to this glaring and ballot security risk is to remove all drop boxes and to ban their use in future elections.

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