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Election Challengers Granted Full Access

All centralized voting counting centers, as well as local/regional counting facilities should be under full-time camera surveillance. Video records must be made available for officials from both parties.

All challengers should be recognizable with first-name only badge, reference number and identified by the group or political party they represent. The identified challengers should be able to conduct their challenging duties at all counting areas & equipment throughout the center. As an example at the TCF center in Detroit, there was a designated area with central counting computers that was off-limits to the poll challengers. To achieve a truly transparent election, challengers must have access at every phase of the election process.

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Since of the voting records are stored on drives & cards, it is essential that all are sealed to maintain chain of custody.

As an example, in 2020 Wayne County had more out-of-balance precincts than the other 82 counties combined; (Detroit News 12/16/20). This does not necessarily prove fraud, however election provision al

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