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Hold Election Results for All Counties to Report Simultaneously

Why is it that during every election, there are certain areas that are not able to report final results until late into the night or for days or weeks? What is commonly known is that primarily the largest Democratic areas are the last to report. Though this does not necessarily indicate fraud, it does not instill confidence in the system.

As an example, at 3:49 a.m. on Nov 4 2020, President Trump held his largest lead of the night at over 311,000 votes. Of the top 4 uploads of votes Trump received 69%, 47% & 42%. The 4th largest upload occurred at 6:31 a.m. on Nov 4. This was for 149,772 votes of which Trump only received 4% of the total. By 9:02 a.m. Nov 4 the Trump lead was gone. (Source: NYT Times Edison uploads) If all counties held on to their totals until all can report them simultaneously, it would prevent bad actors from knowing how many more votes would be needed to win an election.

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Since of the voting records are stored on drives & cards, it is essential that all are sealed to maintain chain of custody.

As an example, in 2020 Wayne County had more out-of-balance precincts than the other 82 counties combined; (Detroit News 12/16/20). This does not necessarily prove fraud, however election provision al

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