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Limit Absentee Ballot Application Sources

As an example, Michigan permits written requests for an absentee ballot to be submitted by the local election clerk, Secretary of State or any other governmental or non-governmental organization, on a letter or postcard including online Absentee Ballot applications. All requests should be on a form supplied by the county clerk's office with an embossed seal or watermarked security paper. This provides for more accurate tracking and matching of the ballot application when the ballot is received. All Absentee Ballots should have an embedded barcode to avoid duplicate counting of the ballot. The number of ballots requested, sent and returned should be reported online by county/city/town clerks.

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Since of the voting records are stored on drives & cards, it is essential that all are sealed to maintain chain of custody.

As an example, in 2020 Wayne County had more out-of-balance precincts than the other 82 counties combined; (Detroit News 12/16/20). This does not necessarily prove fraud, however election provision al

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