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Multi-State Voter Registration Database Share

Many states are members of the Electronic Registration Information Center, (ERIC). This is a shared multistate effort to identify potentially eligible, unregistered voters resulting in relocation from another state. ERIC also permits voter roll list maintenance by identifying cross state moves, deceased individuals and in state duplicates. Motor vehicle licensing data, Social Security master death index and voter registration information is used to identify out-of-date records. Record matches should be publicly flagged in the state’s voter database.


ERIC UPDATE: Ohio and Iowa just announced their departure, joining the ranks of other ERICxit states, Missouri, West Virginia, Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana. Which state will be next? Could it be Texas? And, more importantly, what will states do without ERIC? Will voter roll accuracy improve or decline?

Also, non-citizen matching should be utilized via the USCIS’s SAVE Database. Non-citizens should be removed from voter rolls and publicly flagged in the state’s voter database. Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) is a program managed by the US Citizenship & Immigration Services, a branch of the US Department of Homeland Security. SAVE facilitates lookups on the immigration and nationality status of individuals in the US.

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