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Oversee Ballots in Senior Care Centers

There are numerous examples of the elderly being pressured into voting for a candidate by staff members, often called “granny farming.” When COVID restrictions were in place, families were kept apart, making it easier to prey on senior citizens.


“Want to find vote fraud? Look no further than nursing homes,” (Nov. 18, 2020)

In Wisconsin, if you are categorized as “indefinitely confined,” you may vote via absentee ballot with no ID requirement. Normally, about 12,000 individuals apply for this, but in 2020 the number jumped to 160,000. Again, one cannot but surmise that ballot harvesting was taking place.

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Since of the voting records are stored on drives & cards, it is essential that all are sealed to maintain chain of custody.

As an example, in 2020 Wayne County had more out-of-balance precincts than the other 82 counties combined; (Detroit News 12/16/20). This does not necessarily prove fraud, however election provision al

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