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Prevent Ballots from Being Counted Multiple Times

Rerunning the same ballot batch through multiple times should be prevented. Instead, all ballots should have a unique identifier which notes the (concealed) number associated with the voter, or the removed tab number. The tabulation machine identifies a particular ballot and determines the count-status; counted or uncounted. If the tabulator recognizes a ballot as already counted, an alert is registered, prompting the tabulator not to count the ballot, but instead track it.

As added reporting, a beneficial feature would include a tabulation report on a paper read-out with the stats for all deviant batches to include: 1). Run time, 2). Number of ballots fed, 3). Number of valid counts and 4). Number of rejected ballot counts. Also, the ballot should be marked which an image which was uncounted due to invalid information on the ballot and/or duplicate count.

Tabulator jams also cause frequent problems. On occurrence, the tabulator should not “save” any of the ballots counted in the batch, instead set aside for manual processing. The entire batch should be rejected and rerun in its entirety. If a jam continues, troubleshoot the problem ballot.

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